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Stone Soup Cottage took root in 2009 in the heart of  Cottleville, MO. Carl and Nancy opened a door into a culinary world that very few diners are able to explore. Stone Soup Cottage is named after the classic children's fable, "Stone Soup," a European folk story with the moral lesson of sharing and cooperation.   The story is about a community coming together and everyone contributing to a "soup pot." By just providing one little morsel out of each village home, a glorious feast was created and enjoyed by all.


The McConnells continue their mission of working with the community as portrayed in the children's fable. We aim to support, uplift, and partner with local artisans, farmers, and purveyors in Missouri to showcase their beautiful products. Through our Known and Grown STL partnership, we will continue developing, broadening, and highlighting others through the "Stone Soup" community initiative.  


On September 20, 2013, Stone Soup Cottage relocated to the 43-acre Wiese Farm, approximately 1 mile from its original location. It was the next logical step for this farm-to-fork restaurant to reside; on the farm that once supplied most of its produce.


The McConnells initially purchased 6.5 acres overlooking the fields and pond. "It was all that we could afford at the time, but we knew our dream was to eventually purchase the rest of the land offered to us at the time of the sale. We held that option close to our hearts, and after years of sacrifice, long hours, and saving, we could realize that dream and purchase the rest of the 27 acres and thus the birth of our beloved 33-acre working farm - Le Champ De Fleurs.

2013- present

The venue now sits on the exact location where the Wiese Family barn stood. The original 1930s barn was carefully dismantled piece by piece and re-purposed in the new structure. It was important to utilize as much of the original barn in the new home of Stone Soup Cottage once it was learned the barn could not be saved. With three stone fireplaces, an entire exposed brick wall, and soaring ceilings, the Cottage transports its guests to a time long gone by.

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