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U-Pick Flowers

Friday, April 5th -  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday, April  6th -  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join us this Friday and Saturday from 8:00  AM - 12:00 PM at the cottage for a delightful flower picking ticketed event amidst our scenic flower fields. Guests are invited to hand-pick their own flowers, crafting personalized and stunning bouquets. Elevate your Easter table with freshly-picked tulips sourced directly from our fields.

We offer two admission ticket options, each including a dozen tulips and a mimosa or mocktail. Additional tulips can be purchased onsite for ticketed guests, ensuring everyone can create their desired bouquet.

We also offer the option to purchase a pre-made bouquet, which includes a vase and features a delightful mix of double-bloom and single-bloom tulips.

Please note we have two varietals of tulips to pick from

  1. Double bloom tulips, as the name suggests, are characterized by having extra layers of petals, giving them a fuller and more intricate appearance compared to single bloom tulips. This means that instead of the typical single layer of petals, double bloom tulips have multiple layers, often resembling a lush and dense flower. 

  2. Single bloom tulips are the classic, iconic tulips that most people envision when they think of these flowers. They feature a single layer of petals surrounding the central reproductive parts of the flower. This simplicity in structure gives them a clean and elegant look.

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